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The walking and skiing routes in Hurrungane are shown on the map. They have been prefixed with Hu. or St. or Ra. which is short for Hurrungane, Stølsnos or Rauddalen respectively. After the prefix is a number 1, 2, 3. which identifies the route in that area. Alternatively view information on which has an English language option.

Most of the routes are marked with cairns and red "T" paint marks in the summer and many of these same routes are marked with large twigs pushed into the snow about every 30 yards in the late winter and spring. Some routes are not marked and DNT does not encourage some, notably Hu.17.

The times given for the route are quite generous assuming a pack under 15kg in dry conditions, but do not take account of any rest periods or other unforeseen delays.

Ref Route Name
Hu.1 Krossbu lodge to Skogadalsbøen lodge
Hu.2 Sognefjellshytta lodge to Skogadalsbøen lodge
Hu.3 Sognefjellshytta lodge to Fannaråken cabin
Hu.4 Turtagrø hotel to Skogadalsbøen lodge
Hu.5 Turtagrø hotel to Fannaråken cabin
Hu.6 Fannaråken cabin to Skogadalsbøen lodge
Hu.7 Turtagrø hotel to Skogadalsbøen lodge
Hu.8 Turtagrø hotel to Skagastølsbu shelter
Hu.9 Turtagrø hotel up Ringsdalen
Hu.10 Fardalen valley to Stølsmaradalen cabin
Hu.11 Hjelle to Avdalen Farm cabin
Hu.12 Avdalen Farm cabin to Fardalen valley
Hu.13 Avdalen Farm cabin to Stølsmaradalen cabin
Hu.14 Hjelle to Vetti Farm to Stølsmaradalen cabin
Hu.15 Skogadalsbøen lodge to Vormeli Farm
Hu.16 Vormeli Farm to Stølsmaradalen cabin
Hu.17 Stølsmaradalen cabin to Skagastølsbu shelter
Hu.18 Turtagrø hotel to Stølmaradalen cabin
St.1 Hjelle to Skogadalsbøen lodge via Vetti Farm and Ingerdbu cabin
Ra.1 Leirvassbu lodge to Skogadalsbøen lodge