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area mapGlittertind massif is a high massif in the north of Jotunheimen with six mountains and a further six secondary peaks.

To the south and east the massif is bordered by the massive and open Veodalen, to the west by the deep Visdalen and to the north by the wild Gokkerdalen and Smådalen valleys.

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Mountains & Associated Peaks in Glittertind Massif

Ref Name Height
13.1 Glittertind 2452m
13.7 Østre Glittertindoksli 2260m
13.11 Glitter-Rundhøi 2089m
13.2 Trollsteinseggi
13.3 Trollhøi
13.8 Steinhøi 2161m
13.9 Gråhøi 2154m
13.10 Østre Trollhøi 2090m
13.4 Trollstein-Rundhøi
13.12 Svartholshøi 2067m
13.5 Ryggehøi 2142m
13.6 Grotbrehesten 2018m

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