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The Rauddalen Area lies in the very heart of Jotunheimen. It is not a single massif but a collection of individual mountains or small massifs which are all separated by huge U shaped valleys. During the ice ages these glaciers would have separated the mountains of this region into nunataks.

All the mountains in the Rauddalen area are approximately the same height. The mountains here have an alpine nature but are not strongly alpine. Only a few of the mountains are suitable for winter ascents due to this alpine character, but some of them are very well suited.

Because the Rauddalen Area lies in the middle of Jotunheimen it is reasonably remote. The ascent of most of the mountains either involve a very long day from some easily accessed area on the periphery of Jotunheimen or entails staying at the well placed Olavsbu cabin, from which nearly all the mountains are within striking distance. Olavsbu cabin also lies the junction of the major paths which cross Jotunheimen.


Because the valleys of the Rauddalen area are quite high at about 1200 meters upwards there is very little history of human activity here. The history that exists revolves around the trapping and hunting of reindeer and some fishing. There is some summer grazing at the lower end of the valleys near Skogadalsbøen lodge and Gjendebu lodge where there are lush summer meadows.