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area mapHurrungane is arguably the finest area mountain area in Scandinavia. The towering mountains and sharp peaks, which are scattered throughout, are connected by web of jagged razor thin arêtes. Huge vertical walls, some nearly 1000 metres high loom above crevassed glaciers, which thunder down into massive valleys.

The very rugged landscape has been formed by vigorous wet west coast glaciations acting on the harder, resistant gabbros and gneiss rock types found in Hurrungane. However, this mighty massif, violently carved by aggressive glaciers, is also surrounded by tranquil alpine meadows and an idyllic, but rugged, pastoral history.

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Mountains & Associated Peaks in Hurrungane

Ref Name Height
1.1 Storen or Store Skagastølstind 2469m
1.15 Vetle Skagastølstind 2340m
1.16 Midtre Skagastølstind 2284m
1.17 Skagastølsnebbet
1.18 Nordre Skagastølstind
1.2 Styggedalstind
1.3 Gjertvasstind
1.4 Sentraltind
1.19 Maradalstind 2160m
1.5 Austanbotntind 2204m
1.20 Søre Austanbotntind 2103m
1.21 Vestre Austanbotntind 2100m
1.6 Dyrhaugstind 2147m
1.22 Søre Dyrhaugstind 2072m
1.23 Nordre Midtmaradalstind 2062m
1.7 Store Ringstind 2124m
1.8 Soleibotntind 2083m
1.24 Søre Soleibotntind 2049m
1.25 Nordre Soleibotntind 2030m
1.9 Fannaråken 2068m
1.10 Midtmaradalstind 2056m
1.11 Stølsmaradalstind 2026m
1.12 Steindalsnosi 2025m
1.13 Midtre Ringstind 2025m
1.14 Østre Ringstind 2002m

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