Slettmark Mesmog Massif

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The mountains of the Slettmark-Mesmog massif lie at the eastern end of the alpine tract of land between the lakes of Bygdin and Gjende. They are separated from the other two massifs in this rugged tract by the deep Svartdalen valley.

The nine mountains of the Slettmark-Mesmog massif generally have quite an alpine nature. One of them has to be climbed and another 5 involve some scrambling, some of it quite extensive. Two of the mountains however have easier flanks and these make them ideal mountains for ski ascents.


Historically these mountains have been very remote and were just visited by hunters prior to the middle of 19th Century. Aasmund Vinje, the nationalist poet, moved to a cabin at Eidsbugården at the western tip of the massif in 1868 and put it on the cultural map. He only spent 2 summers here however.

W.C. Slingsby, E. Mohn and K. Lykken started their historic week’s tours in mid July 1876, doing 2 first ascents in this massif, up Østre Torfinnstind and Galdeberget, before continuing westwards making three more first ascents culminating in Store Skagastølstind.


In summer the easiest access to Slettmark-Mesmog massif is via the west end of the big Bygdin and Gjende lakes, from the lodges of Fondsbu and Gjendebu respectively. In addition Torfinnsbu lodge in the middle of Bygdin lake is also very well placed to make a number of ascents. Each lake is served by a good boat service which plies their length. In the winter the west ends of these now frozen lakes are still the best access to the massif, which has limited opportunities.