Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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Hu.8  Turtagrø hotel to Skagastølsbu shelter
3 hours / 8km
Marked in summer with cairns just to the edge of the glacier.

From Turtagrø hotel cross the road and river. Follow the obvious path on the west of the river for ½km then cross the river onto the east side and ascend a steeper section.

Continue up the east side for another 3km climbing steeply towards the end to reach the Tindeklubhytta cabin. Continue on the east side of the river through a boulder field while climbing up above a second and larger lake to reach the edge of the glacier.

The glacier is a little more than 1km and although crevasse free does have a large bergschrund at the top which you should be wary of and is best avoided on the west side. Rope, crampons and an ice axe are necessary for the glacier.

For further details see the preferred ascent description of Store Skagastølstind.