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Digerronden, 2015metres, is a conical mountain lying at the west end of a rounded massif. It is the lowest of the three mountains in this massif and is connected to the other two by a rocky undulating ridge which is steep in only one place. The mountain does have a steep corrie on the north east side but otherwise is accessible from any direction.

The Route from Dørålseter Lodge
total distance for return trip15km   
total ascent and descent970m   
total time for return journey 6-7hrs
difficulty rating - 2season: feb, mar, apr, may, jun, jul, aug, septskiingno glacier crossingno climbing suitable for wet conditions

Leave Dørålseter on the marked path to Rondvassbu. After about 800m the path divides and you want to take the southern branch which soon crosses the Døråi River over an all year bridge. Continue beside the river for just another 300 metres under a steep terrace until there is another fork. At this fork take the branch which goes straight up the steep sandy bank.

Digerronden full size mapOnce on the top of this bank the terrain levels out and the marked path undulates across a landscape with many deep depressions for ½ km. This is Skranglehaugan, a fascinating relic of the ice age. After the ½ km the path meets a stream, Vidjedalsbekken, and a large slope plateau to the south comes into view.

At this point leave the path, which continues to Høgronden, and start to head across the softly vegetated plateau in the direction of Salen, the flat ridge which protrudes from the west side of Digerronden.

There is no distinct path across this plateau but the going is very pleasant. Do not be tempted to head across this plateau in a south east direction and then ascend the north side of Digerronden directly as it is quite steep (but still manageable).

Once on the flat ridge of Salen it is easy to ascend the more gentle scree covered west side of Digerronden. There some rough paths up this section but they inconsistent. After 500 metres of vertical ascent the summit cairn appears.

Digerronden has a steep face on the north east sideThe return journey is by the same route. Alternatively it is possible to descend to Salen again and then on to Rondvassbu, or indeed Bjørnhollia.

It is also possible to continue eastwards along the main ridge to Midtronden and Høgronden and traverse the whole massif, then descend down the path Ro.12 to either Dørålseter or Bjørnhollia.

For more details of this traverse see the Midtronden page and of the descent see the Høgronden page.