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Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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There are too many of these organisms to discuss properly here, so I have selected some which are notable. Many of these are lichens.

Lichens are a remarkable relationship between microscopic algal cells and fungal filaments. The lichen body (thallus) is composed of algal cells living inside a compact mass of fungal tissue. The algae provide the fungi with nutrients and the fungi provide the algae with shelter. There are three types of lichens: crustose (crusty), foliose (leafy) and fruticose (shrubby). They are thought to be nutritious for humans but our digestion cannot break them down.

Mosses are found throughout Scandinavia. Most notable are the moss colonies beside rocky tumbling brooks and below large melting snowfields. They are an extreme pioneer spieces.

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