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As the mountains of Rauddalen lie in the middle of Jotunheimen access can be from anywhere on the periphery. However there are 4 main hopping off points. Fondsbu lodge in the south, Leirvassbu lodge in the north, Gjendebu lodge in the east and Skogadalsbøen lodge to the west. Once at these starting places follow the one of the Ra. paths described above to enter the Rauddalen Area

In summer the main access is from Tyinkrysset in the south which is on the main Oslo-Bergen road, the RV16. From here follow the road from Tyinkrysset over to Øvre Årdal, the RV 53. After 3 km take the good quality 23km gravel road, the RV 252, to Tyinholmen and Eidsbugården. JVB operate a twice daily bus in the summer from Tyinkrysset to Eidsbugården from early July to mid October. The timetable is here www.jvb.no/ruter/lokalruter-tyinkr-eidsbugarden.htm. In the winter and spring, however, this road is blocked by snow drifts and is impassable until early May. During mid February until late April when the road is covered in snow road there is a twice daily vintage snowmobile service also operated by JVB. The timetable is here www.jvb.no/beltebiler/index.htm. The snowmobiles leave from Tyin 4 km north of Tyinkrysset on the road from Tyinkrysset over to Øvre Årdal, the RV 53, which is normally open in the winter but closed in bad weather.

It is also possible to get to Eidsbugården in the summer time by a boat twice daily from Bygdin at the east end of Lake Bygdin. This classic boat operates from late June to mid September. The timetable is here www.jvb.no/bitihorn/index.htm. Bygdin is served by bus from Oslo and Bergen via the town of Fagernes.

Leirvassbu lodge

Leirvassbu lodge has a small private 14 km toll road up to it from the lower reaches of the Sognefjellsveien road, RV 55. This road is only open in the summer as snow drifts block it in the winter months. It is usually open from late May until the snow starts to build up in late October. During these months it is possible to drive up to the lodge. There is no bus service along this private road, but for a charge Leirvassbu lodge will pick you up and drop you off if pre-arranged. During the spring season the road is cleared up for 8 km where there is also a small cleared and during the Easter holidays congested parking area. From here it is a 6 km ski up to the lodge.

The turn off from the main road onto the small private road is at a bus stop called Leirvassbukrysset. There is a bus here during the Easter period from Lom twice a day and even from Otta. In the summer there are 2 buses a day from Lom to Sogndal and vice versa which pass this junction. The service is operated by Fjord1 Sogn Billag. For details Tel: +47 5767 6600. Email: sognbillag@fjord1.no.

Gjendebu lodge

The easiest route to Gjendebu in the summer is to take the twice daily boat from Gjendesheim lodge on the road at the east end of the lake. This boat runs from mid June until mid September. The boat is operated by Gjendebåtene and they have a comprehensive website with an English link giving times, prices etc. The website address is www.gjende.no. When the boat is not running then the only alternative is to walk.

Gjendesheim Lodge

The walk to Gjendesheim lodge is a long days walk and lakes about 9 hours via Memurubu lodge. It is however only 5 hours to walk to Fondsbu lodge. During the winter and spring season the lake freezes over making it easy to ski down the lake in about 2-4 hours depending on conditions.

To reach Gjendesheim lodge you can drive from Oslo or Bergen via Fagernes in the summer. During the winter (usually from late October to mid April) however, this road is closed at Valdresflya, just south of Gjendesheim. There is all year access to Gjendesheim from the north via the town of Otta passing through the village of Randsverk. Buses go twice a day from Otta to Gjendesheim via Vågå during the Easter and Summer. The service is operated by Fjord1 Nordfjord-Ottadalen. For details Tel: +47 6123 4455. Email: nordfjord-ottadalen@fjord1.no.

Skogadalsbøen lodge

To reach Skogadalsbøen lodge you must walk for a day from either Turtagrø or Krossbu lodges which lie on the spectacular Sognefjellsveien road, RV 55, to the north. Alternatively you may walk from the town of Øvre Årdal to the south. Further details of access to these town and the paths used to reach Skogadalsbøen lodge are on the main Hurrungane page.