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Midtre Rauddalseggi, 2016 metres, is the slightly lower of two mountains on the long massif of the Rauddalseggi ridge. Although not as high and domineering as it large neighbour, Store Rauddalseggi, 2168m, it is still a prominent, spectacular and interesting mountain in its own right. The two mountains are inevitably climbed together as the easiest way up Store Rauddalseggi goes over Midtre Rauddalseggi.

The Route from Olavsbu Cabin
total distance for return trip12km   
total ascent and descent1020m   
total time for return journey 7-9hrs
difficulty rating - 6season: jul, aug, septno skiingno glacier crossingno climbingpossible but not advisable in wet conditions

From Olavsbu cabin take the path Ra.8 north to Leirvassbu lodge. After 15 minutes you will pass a large square rock which is marked 1500m on your left (west) hand side.

At this point leave the marked path and head east up towards Skarddalsbandet for just over 1 km on the unmarked and faint path Ra.10 until you are at the saddle between 1812m and the dark west ridge of Store Rauddalseggi.

Midtre Rauddalseggi full size mapFrom the saddle descend to the east crossing a gentle snowfield/glacier for ¼ km before crossing a small moraine ridge to reach another glacier. Cross this second glacier descending slightly for another ¼ km to reach large moraine boulders on the east side of it.

Crossing Point

This crossing point of this second glacier is relatively steep and may contain some small crevasses. However, below this crossing point the glacier descends more steeply down to upper Skarddalsvatnet lake and is more heavily crevassed and has to be avoided.

Once across this second glacier head diagonally down past some huge stones for a further 1½ km until you reach the shore of the lower Skarddalsvatnet Lake. Continue until you get to the glacial stream that flows from the north flank of the massif into the lake.

The north ridge of Midtre Rauddalseggi as seen from the south shore of the lower Skarddalsvatnet lakeYou will now be able to see the whole of the north ridge of Midtre Rauddalseggi, 2016m. For the first 200m of ascent the going is easy, however for the next 300m of ascent the route is quite steep over bare rock covered in loose stone.

Care must be taken to so as not to dislodge any loose stones and while crossing any of the bare rock slabs which may be slippery with water trickling down them.

At last the gradient eases a touch and you suddenly reach the summit of Midtre Rauddalseggi.