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area mapThe Rauddalen Area lies in the very heart of Jotunheimen. It is not a single massif but a collection of individual mountains or small massifs which are all separated by huge U shaped valleys. During the ice ages these glaciers would have separated the mountains of this region into nunataks.

All the mountains in the Rauddalen area are approximately the same height. The mountains here have an alpine nature but are not strongly alpine. Only a few of the mountains are suitable for winter ascents due to this alpine character, but some of them are very well suited.

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Mountains & Associated Peaks in Rauddalen Area

Ref Name Height
4.1 Store Rauddalseggi 2168m
4.2 Skarddalseggi
4.3 Store Rauddalstind
4.4 Snøholstind
4.5 Mjølkedalstind 2138m
4.6 Skarddalstind 2110m
4.7 Austre Rauddalstind 2068m
4.8 Midtre Høgvalgtind 2066m
4.9 Vestre Rauddalstind 2059m
4.10 Midtre Rauddalseggi 2016m

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