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Walking routes in the Rondane Massif are briefly described below. These are numbered Ro.1, Ro.2 etc and correspond to the map. Ro. is an abbreviation of Rondane.

More information on walking routes and the branch/twig markings of the winter routes can be obtained from Den Norske Turistforening, DNT. Tel +47 2282 28 00. Postal address: Postbox 7, Sentrum, 0101 Oslo. Visitors address: Storgate 3. Oslo.

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Ref Route Name
Ro.1 Spranget parking to Rondvassbu lodge
Ro.2 Rondvassbu lodge to Bjørnhollia lodge
Ro.3 Rondvassbu lodge to Dørålseter lodges
Ro.4 Dørålseter lodges to Bjørnhollia lodge
Ro.5 Mysuseter to Bjørnhollia lodge
Ro.6 Bjørnhollia lodge to Eldåbu cabin
Ro.7 Straumbu to Bjørnhollia lodge
Ro.8 Nesset to Bjørnhollia lodge
Ro.9 Gammelgården farm to Bjørnhollia lodge
Ro.10 Straumbu to Langglupdalen Valley
Ro.11 Lii to Høgronden
Ro.12 Dørålseter lodges to Bjørnhollia lodge
Ro.13 Dørålseter lodges to Grimsdalshytta lodge
Ro.14 Høvringen lodges to Dørålseter lodges
Ro.15 Høvringen lodges to Grimsdalshytta lodge
Ro.16 Høvringen lodges to Peer Gynt Hytta cabin
Ro.17 Peer Gynt Hytta cabin to Rondvassbu lodge
Ro.18 Peer Gynt Hytta cabin to Bråkdalsbelgen summit and return
Ro.19 Mysuseter lodge to Peer Gynt Hytta cabin
Ro.20 Rondvassbu lodge to Storronden summit and return
Ro.21 Rondvassbu lodge to Bjørnhollia lodge over Rondslottet summit
Ro.22 Rondvassbu lodge to Veslesmeden summit and return
Ro.23 Rondvassbu lodge to Dørålseter lodges

Suggested itinerary for Extended walking tours

There are many opportunities for multiday tours in the Rondane. These may even involve walking from adjoining areas such as Alvdal Vestfjell to the east or from the Rondane Lillehammer area to the south or from Dovrefjell to the north. A description of these are really beyond the scope of the book and further information on walking routes in the adjoining area can be obtained from the DNT. In the Rondane itself though there is a classic circuit in which is a day tour and highly recommended. Day 2: Rondvassbu lodge to Dørålseter lodge either via route Ro.3 or the more remote route of Ro.23. Day 2: Dørålseter lodge to Bjørnhollia lodge either via route Ro.4 or the more demanding route of Ro.12 over Høgronden. Day 4: Bjørnhollia lodge to Rondvassbu lodge either via route Ro.2 up Illmanndalen or the long route over Rondslottet Ro.21 and then down to Mysuseter. This is an excellent circuit in the for a walking tour in the summer and a ski tour in the spring.