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Steindalsnosi, 2025m, is the smaller sibling of Fannaråken and is the other half of the graceful symmetry of mountains that make the grand panorama of mountains seen from the spectacular Sognefjellsveien mountain road.

The Route from Turtagrø Hotel
total distance for return trip8km   
total ascent and descent750m   
total time for return journey 4-5hrs
difficulty rating - 2season: apr, may, jun, jul, aug, septpartial/difficult skiingno glacier crossingno climbingsuitable for wet conditions

From Turtagrø hotel drive towards Lom for about 8 km until you passing the small Gjuvvatnet lake and coming up to the parking place by the sign 1300 m.o.h. (above sea level). In the summer park here and start climbing up the spur, called Gjuvvasshøgdi, on the east side of the road. Keep on the north side of the spur as you climb steeply up.

Steindalsnosi full size mapAfter some 15 minutes the gradient eases and the terrain become much flatter and you can see a small rise marked, 1521m, a ½ km away to the east. head for this knoll.

In the late spring, after the road opens, it is perhaps better to park near the dam which is another two km further along the road to Lom.

Head south from the dam for 2 km to reach the same knoll 1521m, thereby avoiding the steep slope up Gjuvvasshøgdi. It should be noted that only the lower half of Steindalsnosi is suitable for skiing as the upper half is often bare.

From knoll 1521m continue east across pleasant mixed grass and slab terrain, climbing gently for a long ½ km until you gain knoll 1605m.

Steindalsnosi towers above SognefjellsveienAfter knoll 1605 the pleasant terrain is short lived as you continue eastwards up the increasing gradient of the ridge which is soon covered in stones.

It is best to keep to the north side of this broad ridge as the gradient is more even and there is a inspiring view off the north side of the ridge over Prestesteinvatnet lake and the Smørstabb massif beyond.

Towards the top of the ridge the gradient steepens again slightly but is still relatively easy. After this steeper section the gradient eases considerably as you gain the summit plateau. It should take no longer than an hour from knoll 1605m to reaching the summit plateau.

Looking up the north west ridge of Steindalsnosi from knoll 1605mOnce on the summit plateau continue east across easy stones for a pleasant km during which there are some excellent views especially over to Fannaråken which seem just a stones throw away, and Styggedals ridge beyond that.

The cairn seems to be east of the summit on a separate and slightly lower hump.

The Return

Return by the same route. Otherwise descend via either of the alternative ascent routes down into Steindalen.

If taking this Steindalen route you could also make an ascent of Fannaråken, possibly staying the night during the summer, or just return to Turtagrø via Helgedalen.

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