Slettmark Mesmog Massif

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Walking routes in the Slettmark Mesmog Massif are briefly described below. These are numbered Sl.1, Sl.2 etc and correspond to the map. Sl. is an abbreviation of Slettmark Mesmog Massif.

More information on walking routes and the branch/twig markings of the winter routes can be obtained from Den Norske Turistforening, DNT. Tel +47 2282 28 00. Postal address: Postbox 7, Sentrum, 0101 Oslo. Visitors address: Storgate 3. Oslo.

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Ref Route Name
Sl.1 Fondsbu lodge to Torfinnsbu lodge
Sl.2 Gjendebu lodge to Torfinnsbu lodge via Svartdalen
Sl.3 Gjendebu lodge to Torfinnsbu lodge via Langedalen