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area mapBreheimen is a large region with a few mountainous areas within it. One theme which characterizes the whole region are extensive glaciers and icecaps. It is bordered to the north by the Riksveg 15 road between Lom and Stryn which runs up Ottadalen to the watershed before descending steeply to the Nordfjord fjord complex.

It is bordered to the south by the Riksveg 55 road between Lom and Sogndal which runs up Bøverdalen to the watershed on Sognefjellsveien before descending steeply to the Sognefjord fjord complex. It is bordered to the west by the deep valleys on the west side of the huge Jostedalsbreen ice cap, the largest glacier by far on mainland Europe.

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Mountains & Associated Peaks in Breheimen

Ref Name Height
15.1 Store Hestbrepigg 2172m
15.2 Midtre Hestbrepigg
15.15 Vest Midtre Hestbrepigg 2143m
15.16 Østre Hestbrepigg 2132m
15.19 Låven 2012m
15.3 Vestre Hestbrepigg
15.4 Hestedalshøgdi
15.5 Tverrådalskyrkja 2088m
15.17 Søre Tverrådalskyrkja 2034m
15.18 Sorvest for Fortunsdalsbreen 2018m
15.6 Lodalskapå 2083m
15.7 Vestraste Hestbrepigg 2078m
15.8 Lomseggi 2068m
15.9 Midtre Holåtind 2047m
15.10 Moldurhøi 2044m
15.11 Austre Holåtind 2043m
15.12 Vestre Holåtind 2039m
15.13 Hesthøi 2021m
15.14 Brenibba 2018m

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