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The Visbretind Massif lies in the very centre of Jotunheimen. However despite is location it is very accessible any of the 5 mountains in the massif can be climbed as a day trip from either Leirvassbu or Spiterstulen lodges both of which have private roads to them.

The Visbretind massif is a very compact range bounded by 3 classic U-shaped valleys which form a triangular trench around it. Its five mountains all of which are reasonably simple but offer enough of a challenge to make them very interesting. If this is not enough most of the mountains here also have more demanding ascent routes which would cater for those looking for something more difficult.

Two of the mountains in the massif share three associated peaks. Two of these are quite easy and are unusually climbed enroute up to the main mountain. There is one peak, Nørdre Semelholstind, which is more difficult.

All of the 5 mountains are more suited to summer ascents rather than winter ascents, but experienced parties and very experienced individuals will find that all five mountains are feasible in the winter, if avalanche conditions permit. However, there are much more suitable mountains on the adjacent massifs for winter ascents.