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area mapSarek is arguably the finest mountain wilderness in Scandinavia. Together with the adjoining national parks, reserves and protected areas it easily forms the largest wilderness area in Scandinavia and indeed Europe. In total these areas are at least eight times the area of Jotunheimen National Park in Norway. Within this huge wilderness area, Sarek is definitely the jewel of the crown, and it alone is twice the size of Jotunheimen.

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Mountains & Associated Peaks in Sarek

Ref Name Height
19.1 Sarektjåhkkå 2089m
19.5 Nordtoppen 2056m
19.6 Sydtoppen 2023m
19.7 Bucht-toppen 2010m
19.2 Áhkká
19.3 Bårddetjåhkkå
19.4 Balgatttjåhkkå

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