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Galdeberget, 2075 m, is a large squat mountain which rises steeply from the northern shore of Bygdin lake. It has an easy route up it and as such is a good goal both in the summer and winter/spring from Fondsbu lodge. It was first climbed by Slingsby Mohn and Lykken on their famous weeks expedition in Jotunheimen culminating in Store Skagastølstind in 1876.

The Route from Fondsbu Lodge
total distance for return trip19 km
total ascent and descent1060 m
total time for return journey7-8 hrs
difficulty rating - 3season: mar, apr, may, jul, aug, septskiingno glacier crossingno climbingsuitable for wet conditions

Galdeberget full size mapLeave Fondsbu lodge and follow the marked, damp, scrub-covered path Ra.3 for an hour along the north shore of Bygdin lake. After 4 km leave the shore and zig-zag up on the west side of the Høystakka stream which cascades down the hillside in a series of waterfalls. After ½ hours climb up beside the stream you reach the lip of a higher valley and a suspension bridge across the stream.

Cross the stream and leave the path heading across pleasant tundra for a good km as you head east towards a steep grassy slope which climbs up into a small valley to the south of Oksedalshø 1694m. Climb the steep grassy slope into the valley and then saunter up its stony floor to its top end when it ends in a large bowl.

Galdeberget from Fondsbu lodge.Climb out of the south side of this bowl up a boulder strewn slope for about ½ hour to gain the undulating and broad west ridge above and to the east of the small knoll at 1585m. Once on this pleasant ridge follow it east up across easy but stony terrain for another ½ hour until you reach a saddle between Galdeberget and one of its peaks to the south at about 1960m. Beyond this saddle is the glacier on the east face.

From the north side of the saddle at about 1945m the west ridge of Galdeberget rises in an easy graceful sweep. It is an easy ½ hour to ascend this ridge to the summit. On the south side of this graceful ridge there are steep drops down to the glacier. In poor weather be wary of this edge as it may be corniced also in even in the early summer. The summit itself is quite angular and is surrounded of 3 sides by large cliffs.

Galdeberget from Slettmarkkampen to the north.The Return

The return is by the same route unless you are equipped and experienced to descend down the glacier on the East Face from the saddle as described on the alternative routes page.

Galdeberget is also well suited to a ski ascent in the winter/spring up this main ascent route. The alternative route up the east face is likely to be avalanche prone just below the saddle and is not recommended due to this.