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Midtre Ringstind, 2025m, is a pyramid that rises up from the glaciers at the end of Ringsdalen. The are 3 ridges that lead down to 3 pronounced saddles and then up to neighbouring mountains. It is seldom climbed due to the proximity of its popular neighbour, Store Ringstind, which is more of a Mecca, particularly in the spring. The 2 mountains can easily be combined in a day.

The Route from Turtagrø Hotel
total distance for return trip14km   
total ascent and descent1100m   
total time for return journey 7-8hrs
difficulty rating - 7season: apr, may, jul, aug, septpartial/difficult skiingglacier crossingno climbingpossible but not advisable in wet conditions

From Turtagrø drive the 3 km on the small road to Årdal, until there is a small rough gravel road heading south up Ringsdalen for ½ km.

Midtre Ringstind full size mapPark somewhere here and head down to the river, cross the dam, and then head up Ringsdalen and onto Ringsbreen glacier as described on route Hu.6 and also on the Store Ringstind page.

The route goes up Ringsdalen for 5 km and then steeply up the rock band on the east side of the valley headwall.

Once at the top of this rock band head south for ½ km to the edge of the Ringsbreen glacier. At the edge of the glacier, rope up and head up to Gravdalskard as also described on the Store Ringstind page.

Gravdalskard itself is a crevassed saddle with Ringsbreen on one side and Gravdalsbreen on the other.

On the east side of this saddle the west ridge of Midtre Ringstind plunges into the ice. Clamber up the slabs at the bottom of the ridge and then up the loose boulders and scree for ¼ hour until the gradient starts to steepen.

Midtre Ringstind dominates the view southwards down RingsdalenWhen it steepens, try and be some 30m to the south of the main ridge line. Here there is a vague route up some shallow corners for another ¼ hour until the ground levels off again.

One of these corners is grade II for about 10m but this could be slightly more difficult in the wet as there are heavy lichen growths on the rock of this seldom visited peak.

Once past this steeper section the route eases off and climbs an easy slope of boulders and bare slabs to the summit.

This easier final section also continues some 20-40m to the south of the ridge for another ¼ hour until the small cairn is reached.

The Return

The return is by the same route however extra care must be taken due to the slippery rocks if wet when descending the west ridge.

Midtre Ringstind from Store RingstindIt is usual to combine this mountain with Store Ringstind and if doing so allow 3 hours extra to climb it and return to Gravdalskard saddle before heading down in Ringsdalen again.

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