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Ra.1 Leirvassbu lodge to Skogadalsbøen lodge
6-7 hours / 19km
70m / 640m
Locked track and marked path in the summer. Ski route marked with twigs in the spring.

From Leirvassbu lodge head south on the track that crosses the outflow from the lake. It is easiest to continue on this track rather than follow the path which crosses the track several times as it heads down Gravdalen. However, the track goes round the south of the Gravdalsdammen lake and stops while the path goes to the north of it and continues down the valley.

So before the lake, and definitely before the track crosses a bridge, leave the track and head north for a few hundred metres to intercept the path. On the north side of the lake cross the glacial Sandelvi torrent by footbridge and continue to the dam. From this dam follow the footpath down the valley on the north side of the youthful Utla river for 2½km until you get to the ancient hunters shelter of Store Hilleren, constructed of stone and restored in 1996.

The path continues for another 1½km on the north side until it crosses to the south side over a permanent bridge. On the south side of the bridge there is a fork heading up to Olavsbu cabin some 11km away and the fork to take heading down to Skogadalsbøen lodge some 7km away. These pleasant, easy 7km take you down the south side of the river Utla towards the spectacular vista of Hurrungane. About half way down, by the tree line, 2 other valleys converge with Storutledalen to form the upper end of the 30km canyon which is Utledalen.

The path veers south as you enter the trees, passes some summer farms and keeps on the east side of the river, passing a bridge to Turtagrø. From this bridge the path continues for 2km through lush fertile woodland to reach Skogadalsbøen lodge. In the spring the marked ski route almost follows this path.

However, as it approaches the converging valleys at the bottom of Storutledalen it veers north west over the knoll of Tungehaugane to avoid avalanche prone slopes. This detour intercepts the Krossbu to Skogadalsbøen ski track Hu.1and is followed for 4km south to Skogadalsbøen lodge.