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Leirvassbu Lodge
Private hotel/lodge with facilities
Tel +47 61 21 12 10

Leirvassbu Lodge is a large private lodge almost in the geographical centre of Jotunheimen. It has a long history and was first established in a simple initial incarnation in 1875.

It is surrounded by many well known and spectacular mountains and makes a superb base for exploring the mountains and glaciers in a number of massifs and areas in both the summer and winter.

During the summer it is possible to drive all the way to the lodge on a private road, but during the spring this road is too exposed to keep open and is blocked by snow for the last 6 km.

The building itself is a bit ramshackle and some of the cheaper rooms are tired however it has a warm atmosphere. There are 190 beds. Over the last decade Leirvassbu lodge has built up a well deserved reputation for top quality food. Indeed it probably serves the best food in Jotunheimen, and this is in a restaurant with one of the best views in Jotunheimen.

Leirvassbu lodge is usually open from mid March to the and of April for the spring season depending on when Easter falls. It is open from mid to late June to the end of September for the summer season.

The prices for the tired rooms with shared showers are very reasonable and even cheaper than the standard DNT prices for full pension.

For further information Tel +47 61 21 12 10. They have a website but without an English link with prices and opening times at