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Olavsbu Cabin
DNT cabin with self-service facilitiesTel: +47 2282 28 00

Olavsbu Cabin is a self service cabin situated in the heart of Jotunheimen. It is located in the valley surrounded by a number of free standing mountains which are not as alpine as in the Hurrungane or Smørstabb areas but still very impressive none-the-less. The cabin is situated at the crossing of two major paths which bisect the whole of Jotunheimen. It has 40 beds.

There is gas for cooking and logs and a stove for heating. There is a store with food provisions. It is locked with the standard DNT key and is available from mid February to mid October. Outwith these dates there is no access.

During the busy holiday period in Norway at the end of July and beginning of August the cabin is staffed by 2 wardens for 4 weeks to make sure everything runs smoothly and allocate beds.

The cost is the very reasonable DNT standard price for self service cabins.

For further information contact DNT. Tel: +47 22 82 28 00 or view information on which has an English language option.