Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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1.22 Søre Dyrhaugstind 2072m

Søre Dyrhaugstind, 2072m, lies on the Dyrhaugs ridge to the south of the highest part of the ridge. It can ascended most easily via a traverse along this ridge from Store Dyrhaugstind as described in the main section. It can also be climbed from 'Bandet' via the eastern arête and a difficult but classic grade V 200m 6 pitch climb up the steep buttress on this arête.


1.23 Nordre Midtmaradalstind 2062m

Nordre Midtmaradalstind, 2062m, is at the very south end of Dyrhaugs ridge, beyond Berges skar saddle. It is most easily ascended via this ridge and saddle as described in the main section. For very experienced parties It is also possible to climb it from Lovskard saddle via the south ridge. This saddle is approached from Turtagrø and the 'Bandet' by crossing the Midtmaradalsbreen and then climbing a 35 degree snow/ice filled gully.

From the saddle, the south ridge involves grade III climbing. The 4 pinnacles that are encountered are grade V, but they can be avoided on the west side. The return to Turtagrø can be via the entire Dyrhaugs ridge as described in the main section. Allow 12 hours for the trip from Turtagrø via Lovskard and back to Turtagrø via the ridge.