Slettmark Mesmog Massif

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Sl.1 Fondsbu lodge to Torfinnsbu lodge
7 hours / 23km
730m / 730m
Marked in the summer with cairns. Winter route along lake marked with twig poles.

Leave Fondsbu lodge and head north along the track for ½ km to the cabins where the Mjølkedøla river cascades down the hillside. Cross the milky glacial torrent here. Just after the bridge the path branches off from the track which heads up the hill. Form the next 3 km the path heads along the north shore of Bygdin undulating over small ridges and crossing some large becks. For this 3 km stretch the somewhat boggy path barges through willow thickets rich in wildflowers and small birds.

Some ½ km before reaching the Høystakka stream the path starts to diagonally head up the hillside climbing gently out of the willows. As it approaches the cascading stream it zig-zags a couple of times before reaching the lip of a higher hanging valley. Just beyond it some 1½ after Fondsbu lodge is a suspension bridge over the stream. Cross this bridge and head north up the easy broad valley floor for nearly 3 km until you reach a fork to the west of the deep Oksdalen valley mouth. Take this fork as opposed to continuing north and start to climb gently up into Oksdalen.

The route up Oksdalen is initially easy across pleasant tundra but soon becomes much stonier as you approach the lake Oksedalstjernet after 2 km. The valley now is squeezed between the mountains of Slettmarkpiggen to the north and Galdeberget to the south and the stony terrain becomes more bouldery as you hop along the south shore of the lake. At the east end of the lake the path now clambers up a slope of large boulders to a saddle with a small knoll in the middle of it. The path goes round the north side of this knoll to reach its highest point at about 1680 metres. Here there is a tremendous view to the alpine Slettmark massif.

The steep descent down the east side of the saddle continues to be bouldery but lingering snowfields may ease this. As you descend and enter an impressive bowl the path veers south and the boulders fade into stones and then tundra as you cross an alluvial delta where the beck enters the largest of the Galdebergtjernet tarns at 1507m. The path now heads round the west shore of this high lake becoming stony again as you approach the outflow. Cross the outflow on stepping stones and then head across open tundra for an increasingly easy 2 km until you reach the southern shore of Nedre Langedalstjernet lake.

Near the outflow of this lake the marked path now veers south and starts to head down into Langedalen valley for 3 km descending steadily across damper tundra and then grassy slopes before entering willow scrub again. Here there is a bridge over the large Langedalsåne river near a gorge. Once on the east side of the river the path meets a fork with a branch Sl.3 heading up the east side of the river to Gjendebu lodge. From here it is a 2 km bash through dampish willow scrub to reach the idyllic Torfinnsbu lodge.

During winter/spring this above path is unmarked as a ski route. However there is ski route, marked with small branches, over the frozen Bygdin lake for 16 km. This level of is lake fluctuates by some 5 metres so be wary of gaps in the ice blocks as you enter and leave its shoreline. These gaps are usually filled by snow. This ski route takes about 3-4 hours depending on the wind.