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Ra.12 Gjendebu lodge to Gjendetunga
2 hours / 3km
540m / 0m
Marked path in the summer.

Leave Gjendebu lodge and follow the path Ra.3 to Fondsbu lodge for a ½ km. Go along the river bank for 300 metres to the bridge over a branch of the Storåe river.

Cross the bridge and head south west through the thin birch woods for 100 metres to reach and cross another bridge over another branch of the river. Just after this second bridge is a fork with the main path continuing south and a signposted fork heading upstream. Take this latter fork and head upstream on the south side of the river for a km through the lush fertile woods, but also across the occasional bit of marshy ground. After a km the forest thins and you reach ridge which descends down from the south into a cascade in the river.

The path now leaves the river and starts to climb up initially, through stunted willow scrub slope for an easy ½ hour to reach some outcrops. The view both up the beautiful Storådalen valley and over the green waters of Gjende lake start to unfold as you climb. After the first outcrop the path leaves the ridge and heads into the small steep valley to the west.

Climb steeply up this valley for another good ½ hour beside a small brook to eventually gain a saddle between the steep east face of Gjendetunga and a knoll to the east of it. Once at the pleasant saddle continue for a 100 metres to the shore of a small tarn at 1427m. Before this tarn a wonderful vista now opens up across the wild tundra plateau to the west and the spectacular mountains around the Rauddalen area. At this tarn the path swings to the north and climbs the tundra slope to the north for 5 minutes to reach the top where there are outstanding views.

The return is either by the same route, or it is possible to head south west across the open tundra plateau for 5 km passing along the east shores of the Grisletjønnen lakes when you meet the marked path Ra.4. Follow this path east encircling Tungepiggan knoll and head down into Veslådalen valley which is followed for 5 km back to Gjendebu lodge.

It is also feasible to head across the tundra from Gjendetunga to the base of the east ridges of Skarddalseggi or Rauddalseggi or across the tundra to Olavsbu cabin. All of these alternatives are across wild terrain without paths and few features. If the visibility deteriorates navigation skills are essential.