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Ra.8 Leirvassbu lodge to Olavsbu cabin via Langvatnet
4 hours / 12km
340m / 300m
Marked path in the summer and in the winter a ski route marked with twigs.

Leave Leirvassbu lodge and head south over the bridge and down the track on the west shore on Leirvatnet. After a km leave the track when it veers west and start to head up the marked and obvious path on the west flank of a ridge which descends from the Høgvagltind massif so the south.

After another km the path climbs over the apex of this ridge and soon reaches a saddle at 1518m . The path now descends the south side of the saddle across large boulders towards the north shore of the Øvre Høgvagltjørnin lake. Continue past this lake on easier tundra for 2 km passing the smaller Nedre Høgvagltjørnin lake to reach a well marked T- junction.

The path Ra.2 carries on eastwards here along the north shore of Langvatnet lake to Gjendebu lodge. Leave this path at this junction and take the southern fork which after 100 metres crosses a cold stream. It is usually possible to jump across stones but in higher water it will have to be waded.

After the crossing there is a pleasant 1½ km across open tundra along the west end of the lake which brings you to another crossing, over a smaller stream as it flows out of a tarn at Semelsdalsmunnen. After jumping this easy stream continue south up across the tundra for another km to reach another tarn at 1456 metres. The path goes round the rocky east shore of this tarn to reach the foot of a short steep climb.

There are often extensive snowfields across the north flank of this pass, called Rauddalsbandet, in the early summer. Climb up the steep boulders and snowfields for ¼ hour until the gradient eases as you reach the bare rock outcrops at the top of the pass. If the snowfields are icy it is possible to avoid the steeper section by climbing up further to the east of the cairn markers (which are often buried by snow) on the west flank of Skarddalstind before curving round south west back to the pass.

The top of the pass is a ½ km stretch of bare rock and small tarns. Saunter through this and then descend down the south side into a large shallow open bowl for a km. The path initially goes down the west side of the broad shallow stream before crossing over to the east side. This bowl is damp and rich in moss and flowers.

Once on the east side of the bowl the path ascends slightly onto its east flank for a km navigating a couple of steeper gullies then passing a massive rock block at 1500 metres. From this rock it is an easy 1 km descent down round the impressive west ridge of Rauddalseggi and on to Olavsbu cabin.

The winter ski route, which is marked with twig poles, pretty much follows the summer route but goes across a few of the lakes rather than skirting along the shores. The north side of Rauddalsbandet pass is steep and it is best to make a large swing to the east to avoid it.