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Ur.5  Tyinholmen Lodge to Ur.2
1½ hours / 5km
350m / 20m
Marked in the summer with cairns. Not officially marked in the spring with twigs but often done so.

This 5km marked track is connects Tyinholmen lodge with the path Ur.2 from Fondsbu lodge to Skogadalsbøen lodge.

Leave Tyinholmen lodge and follow the rough road to Koldedalen for a short km until there is a signposted path heading up across the scrub covered hillside. Take this path through the willows for a good km climbing slowly across the hillside until the path levels out by some tiny tarns.

From the tarns head north into a small valley for 2 km passing a lake on the east side and then one on the west side. Just beyond this second lake you meet the marked path Ur.2. If you continue to Skogadalsbøen lodge along this path the distances and times are similar to the Ur.2 times from Fondsbu to Skogadalsbøen lodge.