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Ur.2 Fondsbu Lodge to Skogadalsbøen Lodge via Urdadalen Valley
8 hours / 24km
630m / 850m
Marked in the summer with cairns and marked in the spring with twig poles.

Leave Fondsbu lodge and head south west up the main road for 800m until you get to the cabins. The marked, signposted, path to Skogadalsbøen lodge leaves the road here and weaves up through the cabins to reach the south bank of the small Sløtabekken stream.

Follow the stream up for 1½ km to reach its source at the small Sløtatjernet lake. Keeping on the slopes on the south of the lake head for a gap to the west, pass through it basin full of tarns. Keep due west and weave through the tarns to the south end of a steep ridge where the path from Tyinholmen joins.

After this junction head north west for a ½km to reach the south end of the Kvitevatnet lake. Follow the stony path round the west shore of the lake for 2 km to its outflow. Jump the stream and then descend the km down to the outflow of  the Urdadalsvatnet lake. Again cross this stream on stepping stones and cross ½ km of  open heath to reach a well marked path from Koldedalen to Skogadalsbøen lodge.

At this junction take the north fork towards the west side of the lake for a stony km until there is another well marked junction. Take the signposted path to Skogadalsbøen lodge which continues up the west shore of the lake on steeper stony slopes. At the north end of the lake the path climbs up across stones for an easy ½ hour to reach a major watershed called Urdadalsbandet.

To the west of this saddle are the steep and scree strewn slopes of Uranostind. Drop down the other side of this stony saddle for ¼ hour across slabs and lingering snowdrifts into the flat open valley with a wide shallow river. Cross the river to the north side of the valley and head down the undulating grassy expanses for 5 km until you reach a small lake on the south of the path. During this 5 km there are wonderful views down the valley to Hurrungane.

After the lake the easy terrain gives way to small bounders initially and then enormous boulders. The path keep to the north side of the valley and rises slightly as it picks a route through these boulders. The river in the meantime has disappeared under these boulders. The going is slow for the 2 km through the boulders and willow scrub under the steep cliffs on the north. Eventually the path starts to head down through the boulder field, which also forms the lip of the long hanging valley just descended as it lurches into the massive chasm of Utledalen valley.

Descend this lip and into the steep, lush woods where the stony path heads north to a junction, over a small saddle, and down over the bridge over the Skogadøla river just above Skogadalsbøen lodge.