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Ur.3  Fondsbu Lodge to Skogadalsbøen Lodge via Uranosbreen Glacier
10 hours / 26km
960m / 1180m

This is a demanding route across a crevassed glacier and is only suitable for roped up parties who have glacial experience.

Leave Fondsbu lodge and follow Ur.2 for 2½ hours until you cross the stream which flows out of the Kvitevatnet lake. Leave this marked path here and head north for 1 km past a lake into a soggy basin. Climb up the moraine on the north slope out of the basin to reach a moonscape of moraine. Head east across this passing to the south, then east, of a silty brown glacial lake to the glacier's edge. Rope up here and start to head up this crevassed glacier.

The centre or east side of this glacier is generally considered to be the least crevassed route, but there are still many crevasses here to hinder progress. Once you reach the large glacial bowl between the summits of Langeskavlstind and Uranostind the crevasses become less numerous.

Now head towards the saddle on west side of the nunatak of Urdaknatten and cross over onto the Skogadalsbreen glacier. After this transition and under Slingsbytind there are some large crevasses on the west side of the glacier so head down the steep glacier keeping central or to the east side.

Towards the bottom of the glacier keep to the east side and leave the glacier before the snout. Initially there is a jumble of moraine to negotiate but keep high above the stream as you head down for a km under the crags on the north ridge of Sagi descend to a small knoll. Just below the knoll is the path Ur.1. Follow this marked path down a lip into a basin for ¼ hour to reach the edge of the forest.

Follow the path down through the lush birch forest on the south side of the fresh river for 5 km to reach Skogadalsbøen lodge.