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Vormeli Farm Cabin
Private cabin with no facilities

Vormeli Farm Cabin is a remarkable restored farm deep in the lush fertile depths of Utledalen. The farm was in use for 250 years which is incredible considering its isolation.

VormeliSo remote was the farm that the only contact with the outside world was over the Kaiser pass to the north then down to Fortun and this was only possible in the summer months. It was abandoned as a farm in 1867 and was then used as a seter for Fortun farmers until 1946 when it was totally abandoned.

On July 21 1876 it was the starting point for the most significant day in Norwegian mountaineering when Slingsby, Mohn and Lykken set off from here to climb Store Skagastølstind. The seter was a favourite place for Slingsby.

In 1975 a group "Vormelis venner" organized the restoration of the main building with some support from the DNT.

It is now possible to overnight in the main building, but there are no provisions or bedding and it is locked with the standard DNT key. The cost is the very reasonable DNT standard price for self service cabins.