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Bygdin Lodge
Private hotel/lodge with
Tel: +47 61 34 14 00

Bygdin Fjellhotel lies at the eastern end of Bygdin lake. It also lies on the main Riksveg 51 road between Fagernes and Vågå. In the summer it is possible to drive to the hotel as the road is open but during the winter/spring season this road is blocked by snow and it is either a 14 km ski from Beitostølen or you can take the vintage weasel snow tractor.

It is a large old hotel initially from 1912 which has extensions added in 1955 and 1965. As such it is a bit rambling but has managed to retain a traditional atmosphere. It is renowned for its food in which it has specialized.

In the summer the vintage Bitihorn boat plies up and down the length of Bygdin lake up to twice a day from late June until mid September. This connects Bygdin Fjellhotel to Torfinnsbu and Fondsbu lodges.

In the winter it is open for about 3 weeks around Easter. This is usually from mid March to Mid April. In the summer it is open from Late June to Mid September. Prices are quite reasonable and arte pretty similar to the standard DNT prices which are about £50 for full board. Further information can be found on their website which has an English link.