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3.5 Søre Uranostind 2048m

Uranostind full size mapSøre Uranostind, 2048m, is a peak on the sharp south ridge of Uranostind. It can be climbed on its own or as part of the classic traverse up the south ridge.

Both of these are described above in the alternative routes section.

There are a few short scrambling sections, some of them being a bit exposed, just south of the peak.


3.6 Slingsbytind 2026m

Uranostind, here seen from seen from LangeskavltindSlingsbytind, 2026m, is easily climbed from the saddle with Uranostind. It is less than an hour round trip from this saddle to the summit.

The ridge narrows for final couple of hundred metres but can hardly be described as scrambling. However, in the winter/spring care will be needed on this final section when there may be a cornice.

The route to the saddle is described above in the main or alternative sections.