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Ro.2 Rondvassbu lodge to Bjørnhollia lodge
4 hrs / 13km
120m / 370m
Marked in summer with cairns. Marked in the spring with twig poles.

There are 4 routes from Rondvassbu lodge to Bjørnhollia lodge:

1) Via Illmanndalen described here,
2) Via Langglupdalen by combining routes Ro.3 and Ro.4 described below, and taking 7 hrs.
3) Via Rondslottet as described on the Rondslottet page and below under Ro.21, taking 9 hours and
4) Via Storronden as described on the Storronden page, taking 8 hours.

Leave Rondvassbu lodge and climb steeply up the short bank behind the lodge to gain the flat ground at the west of Illmanndalen valley. Slightly on the north side of the marked path on the north of the lake are several reindeer pit traps which are well worth the detour.

The route up the valley on the cairned path is on the north side of the valley floor. About ½ way down the valley there is a large moraine band which has to be crossed and is quite slow. Thereafter the route passes through a 3 km stretch of boulders before starting to descend down through the birch forests to reach Bjørnhollia lodge. During these final three km the path keeps well above the river along the southern base of Veslsvulten.