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Ro.21 Rondvassbu lodge to Bjørnhollia lodge over Rondslottet summit
9 hrs / 20km
1180m / 1420m
Marked in summer with cairns.

There is a marked path up to Rondslottet summit from the Rondvassbu and Bjørnhollia lodges. This enables a fine traverse of the mountain but due to the distance make for a strenuous yet rewarding day.

Leave Rondvassbu and head east up Rondholet valley to reach the saddle at the top. At the saddle turn north and follow the ridge north up the peak of Vinjeronden. From this peak continue north descending to another saddle before the final climb up to the summit of Rondslottet.

Descend Rondslottet via the rocky east ridge where a snowfield at the top may be used. The descent is long and leads you into Langglupdalen where the prominent path from Dørålseter to Bjørnhollia lodges (Ro.4) is intercepted.

Follow this larger path for seven km to Bjørnhollia as described above under Ro.4. A full description of the path over the summit is on the Rondslottet page.