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Ro.4 Dørålseter lodges to Bjørnhollia lodge
7 hrs / 21km
380m / 530m
Marked in summer with cairns. Marked in the spring with twig poles.

There are 2 different routes from Dørålseter to Bjørnhollia

1) Via the summit of Hogronden (Ro.12) and
2) Via the valleys of Bergedalen and Langglupdalen as described here.

Leave Dørålseter and head up the north side of the Døråi River for a km until the path divides. Take the fork which descends to and then crosses the Døråi River.

The path then follows the south bank of the river for ½ km to the small Bergedalsbekken stream, which is waded over. After this smaller bridge the marked path continues along the south of the Døråi River for another ½ km and then climbs up a small spur to gain the terrace beside the river. Once on the terrace start to head south up the broad stony Bergedalen on an easy well marked path for 5 km passing to the west of the cone of Digerronden.

After 5 km you reach another fork with one branch going south to Rondvassbu (Ro.3) and the other going south east along the north side of Bergedalstjørnin. Take this second branch which continues to climb gradually up Bergedalen into the deep valley between the massive craggy north face of Rondslottet to the south and Midtronden to the north for 5 km when the watershed is reached.

At the watershed you start to descend down Langglupdalen keeping well to the north of the river. As the valley bottom begins to narrow a marked path enters from the south having descended from the east ridge of Rondslottet (Ro.21). Continue to descend the valley on the north side for 1½ km until you pass a faint fork on the north leading to Straumbu (Ro.10).

Continue down the valley for another two km and as you enter the birch forest the summit path from Dørålseter to Bjørnhollia (Ro.12) enters from the north. After this junction the path then descends ½ km down to the river and crosses it on a very scenic bridge. From the bridge the path ascends slightly and then skirts round the north eastern lower slopes of Veslesvulten for three km keeping just above the birch forest. Three km from the scenic bridge the path meets a gravel road (Ro.9) which is followed south for a km to reach Bjørnhollia lodge.