Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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Store Ringstind from Stølsmaradalstind to the south eastDue to the shape of the mountain the only common ascent route is the east flank, and this is described below.

There is a seldom used 5 pitch climbing route, of up to grade VI, on the south side from the Ramnaskard saddle, between Store Ringstind and Austanbotntind.

This saddle is most easily gained by ascending the crevassed Berdalsbreen glacier from the Turtagrø to Årdal road. From the Ramnaskard saddle this route initially follows the south ridge and then when the ridge gets steep and then traverses out onto the steep south east flank across shelves for 2 rope lengths.

After this traverse there are 2 pitches up a steep gully to gain the summit ridge. Once on the summit ridge scramble north for a steep 100m to the summit.