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Torfinnsbu Lodge
Private hotel/lodge with facilitiesTel: +47 95 88 33 98

Torfinnsbu lodge lies halfway along the north side of Bygdin lake. The lodge has some 36 beds spread in a number of old wooden grass roofed buildings. There is no electricity here and the owners have resisted installing a generator which adds to the ambience and peace of the lodge. It is superbly located under the tremendous crags and ridges of Torfinnstind.

The lodge is open from late June to mid September. It is not open in the winter/spring. There are some self service facilities but these are only available outside the opening dates by prior arrangement with the owners.

You have to walk or ski to Torfinnsbu lodge as there is no road. The starting places to walk here are primarily Fondsbu lodge, Gjendebu lodge, Bygdin Hotel or occasionally Valdresflya youth hostel. During the summer months however there is also a vintage boat, the Bitihorn, which puffs up and down the length of Bygdin twice a day in the summer stopping at Torfinnsbu lodge enroute.