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Valdresflya Hostel
Private hotel/lodge with facilities

Valdresflya Vandrerhjem is a youth hostel which lies right on the highest point of the Valdresflye plateau. It lies beside the main Riksveg 51 road between Fagernes and Vågå. It has 50 beds 2-4 bed rooms with shared showers. There is also a dining hall which serves breakfast, snacks and evening meals.

Valdresflya Vandrerhjem is open in the winter/spring season for about a fortnight around Easter. It is then closed until the summer when it reopens from Early June until mid September. During May it is open at the weekends only if the road is open which it invariably is. 

In the winter the road is blocked with snow until late April when it opens again until the late autumn. When the road is blocked it is only possible to get here on ski from either Gjendesheim or Bygdin lodges. This ski route follows the main road and the snow poles beside the road are useful markers.

Valdresflye plateau holds the snow in May and has become a popular location for ski touring during the late spring.

In the summer Valdresflya Vandrerhjem is on the twice daily bus route between Otta and Fagernes. For further details see the access page.