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Ro.23 Rondvassbu lodge to Dørålseter lodges
8 hrs / 22km
700m / 800m
Faint path marked in summer with cairns. Blocked in the spring by a large and possibly dangerous cornice.

This path was once included in DNT's network of marked paths but they have chosen to abandon it because it goes through an area where wild reindeer thrive. As such this path especially along with most others in Rondane should be avoided in the reindeer calving period from early May to mid June. It is however a stunning route through the heart of the wildest and most rugged of Rondane's high massifs.

The route goes from Rondvassbu into Kaldbekkbotn corrie round the south side of the Svarthammaren buttress. Heading up through the gently sloping corrie the path passes under Storsmeden and starts to diagonally climb up to the saddle with Storsmeden and Steet. This saddle will have a dangerous cornice on its crest in the spring and some steep lingering snowfields in the early summer.

Descend down the north side of the saddle into the wild Langholet corrie and continue north along the corrie floor passing to the east of two lakes at the foot of Sagtinden. Keep on the east side of the stream that emerges from the larger lower lake and follow it down into the Dørålen valley.

About a km before the path reaches the valley floor it leave the small stream flowing out of Langholet and veers north east traversing the hillside for 2 km as it descends to the valley floor. Once it reaches the valley floor the path follows the south side of the Døråi river for four km until it reaches the more usual path from Rondvassbu to Dørålseter (Ro.3).

The merged paths now continue for another four km to Dørålseter passing under the north side of Skranglehaugan. A fuller description of this path is given on the Sagtinden page.