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Ro.19 Mysuseter lodge to Peer Gynt Hytta cabin
2½ hrs / 9km
240m / 20m
Generally well marked in summer. Marked in the spring with twig poles.

From Mysuseter lodge take the track north west for a short km through the forest until the track forks. Take the track on the west which drops down 100 metres to the river and crosses it on a bridge. After the bridge the gravel track stops and the path begins up the west side of the Store Ula river passing through a small complex of private cabins in the forest for a km.

The path then leaves the riverside and continues north across some marshy ground for some two km where some planks and logs are laid out to stop you sinking into the bog. At the end of this boggy stretch the path gently starts to climb up out of the forest onto the open hillside for two km to the north until it reach the Ljosåe stream.

Ford this small stream then follow the path north west for three km as it sidles across the shallow hillside ½ km above the Vesle Ula river. Do not drop down to the river as the area between the path and river is very marshy.