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Ro.18 Peer Gynt Hytta cabin to Bråkdalsbelgen summit and return
4 hrs / 10km
815m / 815m
Marked in summer with cairns.

From Per Gynt Hytta cabin follow the marked path north along the Vesle Ula river as it slowly ascends for a short km. You should then meet a small stream coming down from the deep corrie of Tomasholet. The path does not cross this stream yet but follows its south bank for ½ km up to the east then crosses to reach the base of a ridge.

The path now climbs up this rocky ridge for a sustained three km. Initially the view is limited but as you climb it starts to open up, especially to Jotunheimen to the south west. After two km there is a false top. The real top is a further km.

At the summit a fantastic view suddenly unfolds with mountains to the north and west and a lofty vista over the remote corrie of Verkilsdalsbotn.

The return is by the same route. This route is an excellent but challenging ski trip in the spring, but there are no markings and you should beware of the large cornice above the huge drop the west side of the summit.