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Ro.17 Peer Gynt Hytta cabin to Rondvassbu lodge
3 hrs / 10km
300m / 230m
Marked in summer with cairns. Marked in the spring with twig poles.

From Per Gynt Hytta cabin head west, gently traversing across the southern slopes of Smiukampen for three km to reach Ljosåbui. This is a simple stone hut blending into the rocky surroundings. In bad weather it may be difficult to see but lies just on the north side of the path.

After the hut the path continues west for a km across a landscape well packed lichen covered stones to cross a small stream, Ljosåe. After this stream the path continues west for two km through a saddle between two rounded hills: Randen and Vesleranden where there are pit traps for reindeer. After this gap there is another four km to go across a pleasant gently descending landscape.

The views west to Storronden and then Rondslottet, and then north into the moonscape of Kaldbekkbotn and the steeps mountains around it becomes more and more impressive as you descend. About a km from Rondvassbu the path passes to the south of Jutulhogget, a remarkable canyon carved out of the sandstone by water and ice. It is possible to peer over the edge and also possible to enter the canyon from below but beware of falling stones.

From the bottom of the canyon the path heads south east for a 300 metres and crosses the Store Ula river on a all year bridge. From the bridge the path goes 150 metres west up to the gravel road which is followed north for 300 metres to the large Rondvassbu lodge.