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Ro.16 Høvringen lodges to Peer Gynt Hytta cabin
3 hrs / 11km
200m / 60m
Marked in summer with cairns. Marked in the spring with twig poles.

Leave the Høvringen lodge area head for valley directly to the east. The well marked path follows this valley on the north side of the Høvringsåe stream for a gentle five km until it reaches the gravel road from Høvringen to Smuksjøseter.

Once the road is reached follow it for a km to the south west to reach Smuksjøseter lodge. In the summer it is possible to drive the 5 km along the road all the way to the lodge from Høvringen. From Smuksjøseter the marked path continues up the east side of the lake and then keeping on the east of the valley reaches another smaller lake, Midtre Høvringsvatnet, which it also passes on the east side to reach a barely discernable watershed.

Continue south east down the other side of the watershed where there is a great view over the southern part of the Smiubelgen massif and Bråkdalsbelgen in particular. One Km from the watershed the path passes to the north of a third lake Søre Høvringsvatnet and then veers east crossing a bridge over Kjondalsbekken stream and the River Vesle Ula shortly afterwards.

Peer Gynt Hytta cabin is just to the east of the bridge. The cabin is usually open just for serving snacks and drinks but with prior arrangement may cater for overnighting guests.