Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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Ro.15 Høvringen lodges to Grimsdalshytta lodge
8 hours / 30km
1100m / 1100m
Marked with cairns in the summer.

Follow the route as described for Ro.14 for four km until you get to the point where the marked path divides with a branch going to Dørålseter and the other going to Grimsdalshytta.

Take the branch to Grimsdalshytta which descends gently into the valley for 500 metres and then fords the Kvannslådalsåe stream. Once over the stream the path heads north east and then veers north over a number of earth terraces, which are relics of the ice age. They may well be raised beaches from an ice-damned lake. On the map these terraces are called Benkinn.

At the top of these terraces the path has a sustained climb for a km to gain the high rounded undulating ridge of Sletthø which it follows for three km over a couple of tops which are stunning viewpoints. At the end of this ridge walk the path drops off the northern end of Sletthø to a long saddle. At the end of this saddle the path veers north east and starts to climbs diagonally up the south eastern flank of Hornsjøhø.

The path climbs for two km to gain a large sloping terrace above the steeper red slopes rising up from the Haverdalen valley. ½ km below the path along this terrace is an old stone cabin. The path continues north east along the terrace for another two km from this cabin before the descent down to valley where the Haverdalseter to Dovrefjell road is crossed. After the road the path continues north east and climbs slightly to sidle round the eastern side of Storvassberget and then passes to the eastern side of Storvatnet lake passing over the small dam.

After the dam the path crosses the foot of the rounded west ridge of Gravhø to arrive at a small marshy plateau. Continue north west across this plateau for two km to reach a small notch on the north edge of the plateau. In the middle of this notch are two animal pit traps. After the notch and traps the path starts to descend for three km into Grimsdalen passing into birch forests.

Just before the bridge the path meets the path from Dørålseter (Ro.13). which is followed for a km north over the bridge and up the road as described as per Ro.13.