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Ro.14 Høvringen lodges to Dørålseter lodges
7½ hours / 27km
570m / 660m
Marked with cairns in the summer.

This route leaves the collection of lodges in Høvringen and heads north on the route to Grimsdalshytta (Ro 15), Haverdalseter and Dørålseter which is well signposted.

After a km the marked path heads north east across the sloping plateau to the Kvannslådalen valley for a long km. The marked path does not descend into the deep grove of the valley but keeps on the sloping plateau to the south of it.

Follow the valley bank for another long km until the path forks with one branch going north east across the now flatter Kvannslådalen valley up to Grimsdalshytta and Haverdalseter and the other going east to Dørålseter. Take the latter path east which after a km veers north east and climbs away from the Kvannslådalen valley floor to gain the south bank again. After another km the private Kvannslådalsbua cabin is past and the path continues gently up the south side of the valley in a north east direction for another three km to reach the watershed with Djupdalen valley.

Drop down into Djupdalen and ford the small stream to the east side. After the ford the path climbs diagonally out of the east side of the valley for 1½ km to gain a stony plateau. Follow the cairns east across this plateau for a km to enter a large deep obvious valley. The path follows the flat valley floor on the north side of the infant stream for two km until it reaches Dørålsvatnet lake.

At the west end of the lake there is a small stone shelter and also some animal pits in the vicinity. Pass the lake on the north side and start to descend down the path for a long km to drop into the Dørålen valley. As you enter the main valley there is an impressive view south towards the remote northern half of the Smiubelgen massif and Sagtinden especially.

Once in the main valley the marked path follows gently down the lush north side of the Døråi River for six very scenic and pleasant km to reach the Dørålseter lodges.