Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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Ro.10 Straumbu to Langglupdalen Valley
2 hours / 6km
500m / 0m
Unmarked path with a slightly confusing section at the start, but obvious in all other places.

This unmarked path is a shortcut into Langglupdalen valley where it meets the main path from Bjørnhollia lodge to Dørålseter lodge (Ro.4). Start at Straumbu and cross the River Atna over the all year wire suspension bridge. Continue west for another 200 metres until you reach a smaller footbridge over the Stormyldingi stream.

Do not cross this bridge but take the unmarked path to the north which forks just before the bridge. This path now doubles back to the north east for 200 metres where it crosses the another braid of the Stormyldingi stream and then veers north west for another 200m and crosses the final braid of the Stormyldingi stream. This convoluted meandering through the forest can be a bit confusing. Once over the final braid of the Stormyldingi stream the path follows the northern braid westwards for ½ km through the level forests until another fork is reached.

A more prominent branch forks to the north west while the branch we want continues to the west and after 200 metres starts to climb through the forest for ½ km until it levels of again. After another ½ km the path crosses the gravel track to Bjørnhollia (Ro.9) and continues across level forest and clearing again for 200 metres until it starts to climbs through the forest again. The path climbs for a km here and passes through the tree line to enter a small valley between the knoll of Veslkollhø, 1204m, and the Høgronden massif.

Climb up into this valley and pass to the north of Veslkollhø where the path levels off . This small valley eventually merges with the main massif and disappears as one rounds the west side of Veslkollhø and the path starts to sidle the slope of the main massif. Just to the west of the point where the little valley merges with the hillside the path crosses the prominent and marked path up Høgronden and on to Dørålseter lodge (Ro.12).

Continue west over this junction and sidle the hillside for a level km until the path meets the large and marked path up Langglupdalen valley (Ro.4).