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Ro.9 Gammelgården farm to Bjørnhollia lodge
2 ½ hrs / 9km
300m / 100m
Gravel road. Locked with boom to prevent vehicle access but suitable for mountain bike.

Three km north of Straumbu lodge on the main road there is a turning to Gammelgården farm which lies over the River Atna on the west bank. A gravel track goes from here to Bjørnhollia lodge. It is not possible to drive up this track as it is locked but it is possible to go up on a mountain bike. Park before the bridge on the east side of the river.

Cross the river over the bridge and pass to the north of the farm before entering forest. Once in the forest the track climbs for ½ km and then levels off veers south, passing through some clearings for two km until the track intersects the faintly marked path which goes from Straumbu lodge directly into Langglupdalen (Ro.10).

From this intersection the track continues south along the level for another km, before veering west and dropping down into the forest again where it eventually cross the River Langglupåi over a bridge. After the bridge the track climbs out of the river valley and forest and heads south for three km sidling across the lower slopes of Veslsvulten.

To the east is a steep drop down into a deep gorge called Myldingsgjelet. Towards the end of these three km, the path to Langglupdalen (Ro.4) branches off up to the west. Just to the south of this fork the track starts to descend down into the forest again and after a couple of sharp turn reaches Bjørnhollia Lodge.