Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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Ro.7 Straumbu to Bjørnhollia lodge
2 hrs / 6km
220m / 20m
Well marked in summer with cairns.

From the parking place at Straumbu cross to the west of  the River Atna on the all year wire suspension bridge. Continue south west for another 200 metres and cross the Myldinga stream over a footbridge.

The well marked path continues south west through beautiful pine forests as it generally gently climbs up the northern slopes of the Musvolkampen hill for four km. The latter third of this climb is above the tree line to the east of a deep gorge called Myldingsgjelet. The path does not lead you over the hill but veers to the west between the summit and the gorge. 

After a ½ km level section where Bjørnhollia is easily sighted across the valley the path drops quite steeply down the south side of  Musvolkampen hill into the valley. Here is crosses a footbridge over a small stream and meets a tractor track at Gammelseter.

From Gammelseter follow the tractor track west for 200 metres across the bridge over the River Myldinga and the climb for the final easy 200 metres up to Bjørnhollia lodge.