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Ro.5 Mysuseter to Bjørnhollia lodge
6 hrs / 24km
480m / 400m
Faint path marked in summer with cairns.

From Mysuseter follow the track north east for two km past the toll booth and climb up the hill until the terrain flattens and a view of the higher peaks of Rondane unfolds.

Just before a small tarn, Indretjørn, a sign posted path heads of to the east. Take this path and if it is the correct one it should cross another track after 500 metres. Cross the track and continue east across undulating, sometimes marshy, moor land and after five km ford the River Glitra.

Continue into the valley for a further four km, crossing the watershed where the path forks with a branch heading south east to Eldåbu cabin. Keep on the path heading east and down into the very upper Musvoldalen valley. Cross over to the north side of the small stream by fording it and then follow the cairns away from the stream for three km until you pass on the north side of a small cabin, Veslelægret.

After this cabin the path continues along a level wide shelf above the river for four km. Do not be tempted to drop down into the vegetated river valley at this stage. At the end of this long ledge by Nordre Benken, the path keeps on the ridge between the Illmanndalen and Musvoldalen valleys before dropping down into Illmanndalen valley and crossing the stream here on a footbridge.

Bjørnhollia lodge lies 300 metres to the north east of this bridge through the forest.