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Veslesmeden is best ascended from Rondvassbu which is an easy tour, and this is described in detail below. During the high season, around Easter and the high summer, the whole lodge is open. During the rest of the year there is a self service cabin available, for which a DNT key is needed to open. For access to Rondvassbu Lodge see the general Rondane section.

Veslesmeden full size mapThere is a very good and recommended return route which makes a circular journey and this is described in more detail below also. It is also possible to climb Veslesmeden and then traverse the arête to Storsmeden, however this traverse is plagued by loose rock. Despite the loose rock it is an obvious route and I also described this return route also. The ascent of Veslesmeden is also a superb spring ski trip during March and April.